diversity of race in children’s media

“In fact there weren’t really many African cartoon shows for kids. Children in Africa are watching imported cartoons that have nothing to do with them when it comes to ethnic and cultural issues.” But Bino and Fino isn’t just a good choice for African kids. It portrays a positive image of Africa for all kids. “Young children are constantly being bombarded with negative and patronizing images of Africa, and generally by the time they are around ten, they have already formed a negative impression about the continent,” Waziri says in the same interview. “So it’s best to start when they are young and give them positive images of the continent.



NOTABLE shows/characters

The Legend of Korra and Avatar:The last airbender are diverse in their shows not only with race and setting, but they incorporate different cultures (Such as the Tibetan Air Nomads that the main character is a part of, circumpolar Inuit and Sireniki Eskimo of the Water Tribes, China, with Korean and Japanese influences with the Earth Kingdom, and the Fire nation with Japan, South Asia and Southeast Asia, along with its government reflecting Imperial japan .) This show has had a massive popularity and reflected strongly on children (I have vivid memories of having schoolground-wide Avatar Battles(I was a waterbender BTW))



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